Being part of Microsoft’s BUILD 2012 conference is awesome enough in itself. Attendees to the event are given a glimpse of Microsoft’s roadmap for their ecosystem and are treated to some great presentations on building apps for Windows 8. They also get invaluable information on how to market and sell their creations on Microsoft’s online store. Another highlight of the event is that developers given access to the tools they’ll be needing in order to accomplish this, such as the Windows Phone 8 SDK. But what’s even cooler is that Microsoft didn’t stop there — according to reports, the Redmond-based tech giant has also gifted participants with a Nokia Lumia 920 and a Surface RT tablet.

MIcrosoft Build 2012

In an effort to show their support for Windows 8 developers, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer announced at the BUILD 2012 conference that all event attendees will be receiving the 32 GB with Touch Cover version of Microsoft’s highly-anticipated Surface RT tablet as a gift. In addition to that, they’ll also be getting 100 GB of SkyDrive storage. The freebies didn’t end there — Nokia’s Richard Kerris also popped up at Microsoft’s get-together to let the developers know that every one of them is getting a free Nokia Lumia 920 to further encourage development for Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Build 2012 is a four-day conference happening until Friday, November 2. You can view a live stream of the event through Microsoft’s Channel 9. You won’t be getting a free Nokia Lumia 920 or a Surface RT tablet but at least you’ll be caught up on the latest about Windows 8.

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