Bunker Buster iPhone game

Bunker Buster is an endless-bomber game for iOS published by Humanoid Mobile.

I’ll say from the outset that this game comes across as a work in progress. There’s a few things that Bunker Buster gets right, and a few that it doesn’t (at least yet).

The visuals, animations and textures are all basic but for a game to be great fun it doesn’t need amazing graphics. One of the first issues that arises is that it’s not immediately obvious what you have to do.

bunker-buster-4 bunker-buster-3

You’re presented with a top-down view in Bunker Buster, constantly moving forwards and looking down at structures on the ground. Your options appear to be a bomb, a missile and a drone. As it turns out, you need to use the bomb (or x2 missiles) for standard looking dwellings, the missile (or x2 bombs) for the bunkers and equip the drones to take out the missile/bomb defence units before they shoot your weapons down. None of this is immediately clear or obvious. There is an image in the instructions that explains it – but you can only access it by tapping the “?” when you first open that app. Unfortunately, those instructions aren’t visible in the menu that you see after a round and most people won’t think to check the “?” button when they first play a game.

bunker-buster-2 bunker-buster-1

Whilst you’re trying to pick up on the gameplay mechanics you’ll find the games only lasting for 5-15 seconds, after which you’re immediately taken to a full-screen video ad for a different game – which cannot be cancelled for at least 5 seconds. If small occasional pop-ups that show up in some apps are intrusive or annoying, these ads are a full-frontal slap in the face.

Bunker Buster actually has an enjoyable and challenging gameplay mechanic, once you learn what it is. Unfortunately at the moment the ads ruin the experience.

Bunker Buster requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.