P2P vs Bittorrent: How to Find the Best Way for Files Sharing

Most of the people who download torrent files, usually do not care about the security of the source. They don’t like to dig into technical details thinking that the fact…

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Mobile Rummy Gaming

Growth of Mobile Rummy Gaming Trend

With more than 300 million smartphone users in India, the mobile gaming industry has only good news to share. Lately, there has been a massive surge in the mobile game…

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4 Proven Ways to Get Paid for Playing Games Online

Human ingenuity coupled with technology has become a powerful source not only for inspiration for many of us but also for real money-making opportunities. Take the sports industry, for example….

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Mobile Data

How Much Mobile Data Do You Actually Need?

The Internet has become an integral part of modern human life. It’s no more a luxury, and is inching closer to achieving the status that only water, food, and shelter…

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Android Games 2017

The Best Android Games for 2017

Mobile games have been improving at breakneck speed, and Android games seem to reach new heights every year. Thanks to the release of Vulkan API and Android Nougat, we’re looking…

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VR Start-up EEVO Raises US$1.3 Million

EEVO is a start-up that powers Virtual Reality applications for the BBC and other entities, and it has managed to raise US$1.3 million so far. EEVO talks about allowing its…

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iPhone 8 and iPhone X Wallpapers

iPhone 8 and iPhone X Wallpapers: The Complete List

We all love to change our wallpapers, while most of us keep a collection of amazing on our devices. To make your search easy, we collected one of the best…

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Healthy Minds Online

iOS App-Review: Mental Health Awareness for Mind, Mood & Wellbeing

Statistics suggests that 1 in 4 people in the world will one day be affected by a mental illness or some form of a neurological disorder at least once in…

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iPhone, iPad and Android gaming app

iPhone, iPad and Android gaming app

Finding an iPhone, iPad and Android gaming app is easier than some people will think. It used to be that people would have a hard time finding apps that would…

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Lottery Online Games

Why I’d Rather Play Free Online Games than Play the Lottery

Many people flock the land and online casinos to enjoy their favorite games. Similarly, many play the lottery all in the quest of winning a fortune from gambling. What is…

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