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Essay Writing and How It Has Been Made Easier With A.I

An image of Essay Writing on Computer

Whether you’re a University level student or have a job that requires a lot of writing, it’s a simple fact that essay writing can get tricky and very tedious at times. Especially when you face barriers like writer’s…

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Smart Technology: The Future is Immersive

A robot touching a screen

Gambling has existed for as long as humans have. Every civilization has wagered money, goods and services on events occurring, whether it’s a game or real life. People have always been willing to risk one thing in order…

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WhatsApp Down: Yes, WhatsApp has gone offline again

An image of WhatsApp

Yes, it is official. WhatsApp is down and offline for millions of users throughout the entire world. It is unclear yet on how or why it’s been down, whether it’s been a server malfunction or a hack attempt,…

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How Facebook Hacks Your Brain

An Image of Facebook wallpaper on mobile phones

It’s barely 10 minutes since you last checked your phone, but your fingers are already itching to pick it up. The urge to check your favorite apps every few minutes is just intense as you can’t resist it….

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Virtual Reality Could Be The Next Major Breakthrough Gaming Console For Gamers

Virtual Reality Mark Zuckerberg

Virtual Reality has made a major revolution when it comes to the advancement of technology. With Samsung, HTC, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Snapchat, Apple and various other multi-billion dollar companies figuring out ways on how they can improve the…

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Technology In Online Based Games


Online casinos’ main concern is to provide their dear customers with the best games whether they choose to play on mobile device or PC. This is besides offering generous bonuses. Playing online casino games has become the easiest…

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Review: vrBackupper – The First & Free Oculus Rift Backup Tool

vrBackupper 2

With the development of virtual reality technology, there are more and more companies developed VR devices as well as apps. There are also more and more people like playing VR games. Oculus Rift is one of famous VR…

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Review: AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.3

AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.3 Image 2

Even though the volume of hard disk becomes bigger and bigger, it still will be full one day. Because the size of apps, programs, files become bigger too. System partition is the most easiest one to be full….

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Review of MultCloud: Manages MultCloud Clouds Together


If you want to access to your data anywhere, you can store them into cloud drive. In fact, cloud service is very popular nowadays. Except public cloud drives developed by big technology companies, there are also private cloud…

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Windows Backup Software – AOMEI Backupper Review

Backup Software

When using computer, backup is a common operation. Easy backup task likes make double of documents and store them in two places separately. Complex backup tasks like backup partition, create a system backup and so on. Backup is…

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