Spotify Premium

Do you love music? There would be hardly any person who does not have a preference for music. Everybody loves music and it is the best way to soothe your mind and soul. It is really possible to set music that is available offline with the Spotify Premium. It is different from downloading the music that is performed in a traditional method.

The main idea behind Spotify’s offline mode is to enable the users to have better access to their favorite music while trying to save them on the mobile data and also travel somewhere which can give access to the internet connectivity as that can be a simplified method.

With the help of the premium option, there is the opportunity to enjoy around 10,000 songs that you can listen offline on five different devices. It is quite easy to download songs which are certainly an added advantage of the application. You just need to switch to the toggle option available next to Download and listen to songs offline.

Read more about Spotify Premium in this article and find out how you can get it fully free.

What is Spotify Premium?

The Spotify Premium will charge you around $9.99 per month and you can surely get an ad-free experience. You can listen to the music as per your choice and there will be no interruption due to advertisements.

It is possible to listen to any artist, track, and playlist at any time with unlimited skips. This signifies that you have the flexibility to listen to music that you actually want without any limitations either in your desktop or mobile.

In case you are choosing the premium plan there is the chance to experience certain differences compared to the free plan. In the case of free plans, the tracks are streamed at 96 kbps on the mobile and 160 kbps on the computer. There is a difference in the quality compared to the CD. With the premium plan, you have the ability to listen to tracks up to 320 kbps.

Benefits of choosing the premium plan

  • Audio:

The main difference between the Spotify Premium apk and the free plan is audio quality. When you choose the premium subscription it is possible to enjoy the music at 320 kbps. The free plan will enable to listen to the songs at 96 kbps.

  • Ads:

It is the best way to generate revenue for anything and Spotify is no different from it. The app will display the advertisement for 4-5songs that you play or skip. The app will not come with any adverts and can fully utilize the screen for any seamless music listening.

  • Music library:

Through Spotify, it is possible to get access to around 35 million songs that would be the same for all the users of the Premium and free services. The main difference is that the Spotify Premium users can play even the latest releases. The free members need to wait for two weeks to listen to those songs.

Spotify is known as the music streaming service as it allows you to play songs even if the internet is off and it can be loaded through the Spotify application. You have the possibility to create playlists of songs and even create “radio stations” based on the music.

How to get Spotify Premium for Free

Now, that you know all the benefits of using the premium version of Spotify, you can give it a try for free. All you need to do is to install the spotify premium apk file from this link. The apk file is very easy to install and is safe, as you won’t need to root your android device. It also works on iOS devices. Try it and let us know in the comments below how it worked.