ClipUp iPhone App

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ClipUp is an elegant productivity tool for iOS. This iPhone app was developed by Peter Fischer.

If you’re looking for a new app that will help you organize your digital life, ClipUp is a relatively new arrival to the App Store that will fit the bill quite nicely. ClipUp will be of particular interest to professionals and creatives.

ClipUp iPhone App ClipUp iPhone App

What ClipUp offers is a simple, beautiful way to save your notes, files, and images. You can keep your notes and inspiration pieces in a simple interface for easy retrieval at a later date. Websites, pictures, videos, or audio files are all kept in a central location.

There are tons of ways you can use this app, from gathering ideas for a party to putting together a dream itinerary for your upcoming vacation. There are obvious benefits for creatives and professionals, too: this makes a great hub for keeping notes and visual items all in one place.

I really like the interface here, as well as the passcode protection feature (though I do wish I could make a passcode that was longer.) Setting up a new board is quite simple, and you can quickly add photos, links, map locations, audio and more with a few taps.

ClipUp iPhone App ClipUp iPhone App

With an interface that borrows some of the best elements from Flipboard, and then manages to improve on the functionality by leaps and bounds, this tile-based app is a great tool for anyone who is visually oriented.

Overall, this app has a ton of uses, both personal and professional. If you’re one of those people who suffers from “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome, ClipUp keeps all the notes and pics you need right in plain sight, organized in the way that suits you best.

Want more? Check out this awesome app trailer for ClipUp on YouTube.

ClipUp requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.