Create a New Face

From developer Huseyin Ekmekci comes the free iOS face-manipulation app Create a New Face.

If you’ve got a kick out of Snapchat’s new face-swapping features, you’ll probably enjoy messing around with the tools in Create a New Face to modify a photo of yourself or a friend.

The app features a staggering 1350+ different objects, spread across 18 categories like Hats, Masks, Hair, Scarf, Earring etc. Using layers, you can stack multiple objects on to each image to create the look you’re after. Create a New Face even features a zoom function so that you can get the placement of each object perfect to give a more realistic look to the finished product. The app also features basic photo editing functions like image cropping as well as brightness/contrast, gamma and color/saturation adjustment.

create-a-new-face-2 Create a New Face

Once you’ve finished modifying the photo of the person you can also go on to add a speech bubble with a number of different font options to choose from.

The whole process of uploading a photo, adding objects and manipulating the image is intuitive and straightforward. For a free app, you get a lot of fun features to play with. The interface is very clean and easy to use.

When you’re happy with your Create a New Face creation you can save and share with friends.

Create a New Face requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.