Doge 2048

Do not play Doge2048 if you have things to do. Such addict. Very time waste. Wow.

An innocuous Facebook post by a friend this morning mentioning the Doge 2048 game resulted in a non-stop 60 minute doge-fest. The lure of a meme-based doge browser game and my overwhelming competitive spirit left me with no other option but to doge it up. Resistance was futile.

Doge2048 is a game developed by Tiny Mammals and is based on the game 2048 by Gabrielle Cirulli. The game itself features a 4×4 grid of tiles with doge macros. You use the arrow keys on your PC/Mac to move the tiles up down or sideways in an effort to combine ‘like’ doge macros.

Every move you make adds a new tile to the board. Combining two of the same macro results in the formation of a new doge macro. The process is repeated, creating doge’s of ever-increasing intensity until you become grid-locked and can’t make any more moves.

Doge2048 game

Doge2048 Tips and Tricks

I found that positioning your ‘highest ranking’ doge on the left side of the screen and not moving it was key to getting past a score of about 2500-3500. New tiles of lower-order would then be spawned on the right side of the screen (no room on the left) and I would combine them in a left-ward direction to create higher-order doges.

As soon as you get two high-order tiles you then have to try and combine them while keeping the new higher-intensity doge tile on the left again. Rinse and repeat. It gets harder and harder to do when you start to have multiple different types of tiles, but the key is to always try and get rid of the lowest order green tiles first.

My high-score is 6980. Think you can beat it? Post your score below. Photo or it didn’t happen.

Got a better Doge2048 strategy? Doge 2048 tricks? Share them in the comments.