Dungeon Hunter 4 for iPhone

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Dungeon Hunter 4 is the latest installment of the popular action-RPG series from Gameloft. A universal title for iOS, Dungeon Hunter 4 delivers incredible 3D graphics, an engaging story and largely enjoyable hack-and-slash gameplay. There are a number of highly detailed environments to explore, and 4 different and unique characters to choose from.

Dungeon Hunter 4 for iPhone

Dungeon Hunter 4 – Pay-to-Play or Die

Unfortunately, Dungeon Hunter 4 spends far too much time reminding you that you’d be better off if you made an in-app purchase. Loading screens bombard you with ‘Special Offers’ that let you know if you’re having trouble in the game this can be easily solved with a quick item purchase.


Don’t want to wait an hour to upgrade an item? Want to access to new skills before you earn them? Want to reset your special abilities? It all costs gems, and gems cost cash – lots of it. Gems are the premium currency in Dungeon Hunter 4, and are used to buy powerful new items, unlock skills and speed up upgrades. Gems cannot be earned in DH4 as they can in many other freemium titles, they can only be bought.

Dungeon Hunter 4

While Dungeon Hunter 4 is free to download, it becomes more and more heavily skewed against players who choose not to buy gems as you progress through the game. It’s damn near-impossible to stay alive in the later levels of the game without using health potions, and the only way to get them is to wait for 4 hours for each one to refresh – or buy them. Health pots don’t drop from monsters and they can’t be found in chests.


As you work your way through Dungeon Hunter 4, defeating enemies and discovering hidden loot, you’ll find new weapons and armour – but these pieces always pale into comparison to paid items. Paid items are not just obnoxious, they’re so overpowered that you’ll go from genuinely struggling with the difficulty of the game to an unstoppable maiden of death with one swift purchase.

While none of this is a new concept for freemium games, Gameloft just haven’t got the balance right with Dungeon Hunter 4. What could have been a great action RPG title – possibly the best yet on iPhone – has been ruined by stacking the experience so heavily against the non-paying player.

  1. i agree, from a business pov they need some income to keep up with the amazing work and games, since most gamesare free, they need inco me for the servers. But from a gamers pov is just annoying and really kills the essence of the game. If they can only better balance the two. Probably some give and take, push and pull.

  2. Gems are earn able through the free lottery. Just be happy the game is free it has very nice graphics and the multilayer is excellent. It also unlike other phone hack and slash games takes skill ex: archer kiting or dodging attacks. Many of the weapons that you have to pay for can easily be found from monsters, if you have trouble in the game you can simply play multiplayer and get aid from more powerful players.

  3. I think that the old “pay to play” scheme es better. I mean, the really deserve to get some money for the outstanding games they develop, but for me is far better to pay $19,99 or so, for the entire game without having to pay $1,99 every now and then to advance in the game. Couldn’t this be an alternative? I’ve never paid mor than 20 bucks in a game, even if its freemium, so i stopped playing dh4 the minute I reach that number. If many people thinks the same…well I think is better for gameloft to go “pay to play”

  4. I d rather pay 20$ for the game and have free loot or at least a decent one than spend xxx$ for in app purchases. It is almost impossible to advance in game without buying at least a weapon every 10 levels.. or spending massive $ for one to get you to the end. I am not saying gear to 1 hit everything but decent to kill a boss without using 10 potions of life which don’t even drop.

  5. indeed. Is true they deserve to get some money out of it since is a great game. However this is too much. have some legendary items or something like that on sale for those who want to spend cash but in rest should be free loot from bosses

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