Had a nice long summer vacation somewhere and just returned home? One of the best things about getting back is of course uploading your photos to your computer and reliving the complete experience. The size of a photo (due to better quality) has drastically increased over the years and while a few photos on your computer might be very innocent, things can get out of control really fast when you start editting some of them.

The thing is, you probably have a lot of duplicates on your hard disk without you even knowing. If you’re a fanatic photo fan it would be great to have a tool at your disposal that can automatically help you get rid of duplicated pictures, leaving you with tons of extra free space on your computer.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro

Luckily Tapscape has something really great for you today. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro developed by Systweak Software is a very powerful tool to wipe up free space on your computer by intelligently finding duplicates in a selected folder. The powerful interface also allows you to select photos by hand, searching your system fast and automatically for photos ready to be disposed of.

The advantages of using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro are suprisingly versatile, leaving you with an organized and neat library of photos, more disk space and a carefully and organized selection of duplicates found so you can still manually select which ones you actually want to remove.

Next to Windows systems, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is available on Mac, iOS and Android leaving you with the complete package of organized galleries across all your platforms. The software comes with a free trial version if you want to test it out first, and with the powerful software it is I definitely would give it a spin. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro can be downloaded here.

Duplicate Photo Remover

Final Thoughts

I was suprised by how well Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro works—scanning folders and other hand selected photos across your system is done with incredible speed and efficiency. I liked how it gives you so much sophisticated freedom to still manually select which photos need to be removed while still being powerful enough for a harsh wipe if you desire so. I can recommend this tool to everyone who snaps a lot of pictures and since it has a free trial version, why wouldn’t you download it?

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is available for Windows, iOS, Mac and Android