Earthcore Shattered Elements

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As a kid I’m sure you played at least some form of card games with your friends and family—whether it was simply collecting Pokemon card games or battling it out with Yu-Gi-Oh at school. The more you grow up the more boring the cards become, but luckily there are some games out there that are both awesome-looking and strategically endearing.

Today we’re featuring one of those card battling games, and it’s going to be Earthcore: Shattered Element by Tequila Games. I’ve had quite some fun playing the game already so let me tell you more about this app.

Earthcore: The Basics

I want to start off by saying this game looks absolutely gorgeous—I loved how incredibly cinematic the game is for a card battling game and it’s obvious how much care and love has been put into Earthcore. After being amazed by the flashy intro of the app, the game revealed its mechanics to me in a very professional and easy to understand manner.

Even though the tutorial section might be a little long (what else do you expect from a game with so many features) it wasn’t all that bad to play. In Earthcore there are two columns where you can place up to three cards—each card having its own element. If you have a fire card, you will automatically win to earth and lose to water and respectively the other elements are strong and weak against each other.

What makes the game interesting is the risk factor included in the cards—the higher the risk number on the card, the higher the damage. Of course it comes with a catch as the risk is higher so you’ll have to strategically plan your cards. Throughout a match you will also encounter slots in the field that will double this risk value for both sides, which have created a lot of epic moments in my matches before.

Earthcore: The Game

There is just so much more to Earthcore than these concepts, however. Some cards might have skills attached to them, bringing a complete new mechanic into your gaming experience and I loved it. Some of these skills might be attacks, while others let you switch the position of your card which comes in handy when you are paired up against an element your weak to. Cards with skills can be combined to create the so-called hero cards as well.

The game features a complete armory where you can upgrade your cards, as well as a strategium where you can organize your decks and such. Of course the best part of the game is the online battling, but there is also a wide variety of campaigns and adventures to be played as well.

Our conclusion

I absolutely loved the battles I’ve had on Earthcore and will certainly be returning to battle some more. You will easily learn the game but there is so much to it that you will keep battling and growing better. Fun fact—the more wins you get the more awesome avatars you can unlock to show off your skills. I know you want this game even more now, so go check it out!

Earthcore: Shattered Elements requires iOS 7.0 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad