Price: $0.99  Score: 7/10  Category: Games

Studio Nitako’s Eco Punk is all about keeping the planet clean, and doing so with attitude. You play as a rabbit who has so much attitude that he developed the human legs and arms and ability to stand upright necessary to ride a skateboard. The rabbit uses this ability to ride around town and pick up garbage off the streets while avoiding cars. Instead of waiting for nightfall when traffic would be slow, he decided that a real Eco Punk would try to ride around and pick up garbage on a busy intersection during rush hour.

That is basically all there is to Eco Punk. You ride around on the same screen picking up garbage that materializes from nowhere. If you pick up several consecutive pieces of trash quickly you get a combo counter and a higher score.

After you collect enough garbage you will be able to grab a powerup that gives the Eco Punk invincibility and guns that are powerful enough to blow cars sky high. And who hasn’t always wanted to see a rabbit riding a skateboard blow up a taxi cab full of innocent passengers?

Eco Punk is generally ugly (except for some nice explosion effects) and the music is not anything special. Luckily, the gameplay is frantic and fun. The game is ridiculously simple, but collecting trash and alternatively avoiding and blowing up cars is highly entertaining. You only have a single life and getting hit once (by a car or a segway riding cop) means game over. This can be frustrating at times, but is nice for those who enjoy a challenge.

Eco Punk isn’t going to revolutionize the way we think of garbage disposal, but it is a solid game. It is available now on the App Store for just one dollar.

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