Epic Ball Game: Space Soccer for Android, developed by AnRaEl, is air hockey game with a spin. Featuring 3D graphics and an online multiplayer, this game for Android definitely looks like a winner.

However, it’s not your typical air hockey game since there’s no pucks, or hockey table, and instead you use your finger to move the energy ball around the environment to try and score.

Epic Ball Game: Space Soccer is split into levels and you are awarded a star rating based on your performance. There are 20 single player separate levels all of varying difficulty, as well as multiplayer features online and also the ability to play your friend on the same device.

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The graphics are excellent and the gameplay is very addictive, filled with achievements and competitive gameplay whether that be by yourself in single player, online, or with your friend.

The controls are very responsive and it’s the type of game that can be picked up and played quickly when you have a few minutes to kill.

two-players-game singleplayer-basic


Epic Ball Game: Space Soccer is a great game and is available for free on the Google Play Store.