Price: $2.99    Score: 9/10    Category: Sports

If when you say “your team” you mean your fantasy football team instead of the actual Giants, 49ers or other professional NFL conglomerate, then Fantasy Football Cheatsheet may just be your next app obsession.

Designed by 290 Design the company that also brought you the Fantasy Baseball Cheatsheet, this app will help you navigate through as many stats, scoring methodologies, and other tools that you could have ever dreamed about.

When you first open the app you’re brought to a screen that combines players on the left, an incredibly up to date newsfeed, and your team lineup. In the rankings you can click on the person to get their stats from height, weight and college right on down to the draft they were selected in, their health status, and rushing, receiving, etc.

The app also displays details like strength of schedule for every player, and you can choose to sort the draft either by points, ADP, AAV, or manually. You can also filter out just the Quarterbacks, just the Wide Receivers, etc.

In addition to seeing details when you click on a player, you can also choose to put them on your “Other” list, your “Wishlist,” or add them to your team. When you add players to your team they show up on the right panel so it’s easy to access. If you decide to give them the boot, you just side swipe the player to delete them from your team.

Throughout the season, Fantasy Football fanatics can then choose between 50 scoring systems for keeping track of their progress. The app also provides weekly projections based on past performance and your individual scoring system, while bringing you the latest news from in the form of headlines that you can click on to get the rest of the usually two or three paragraph news stories.

Overall, the layout of this app makes the detail packed experience feel easy to navigate and simple to use. You can use the settings button to reset your draft picks, name your Fantasy Draft (which didn’t actually take on the top of the screen for me for some reason), and then pick between custom scoring methods in a really nice drop down menu. If you’re a fantasy football fanatic, this app that will streamline your experience tenfold.

Bottom Line: Fantasy Football Cheatsheet ’10 is a stat lovers dream come true. This info packed app provides everything you need to know in an easy to use layout with customizable scoring options.