Will Foldable Phones Take Over The Smartphone Industry?

Will Foldable Phones Take Over The Smartphone Industry?These are not mobile devices that will help you to fold when playing poker. So online casino game players have nothing to fear. Instead this new technology should make playing casino games at sites like casino aus via mobile devices more interesting. Ever since the first online casino games were played over two decades the activity has changed a lot. This is thanks to innovative technology that has been released continuously since the turn of the century.

The First Folding Phone

We are expecting the first folding phone to hit the streets in the summer of 2017. This is sometime between the launch of the Galaxy S8 and the Note S8. The reason we are mentioning these Samsung phones is because the first foldable phone will be from Samsung.

Top Samsung news websites are reporting that the Korean based corporation has submitted patents for some innovative tech. Recently, they leaked one of the patent’s features. From the designs, it is suggested the face will fold in half like the flip phones. The folding phone will have a screen that runs along the entire length of the phone.

To be able to fold in half the phone uses recent developments in flexible screen technology. The new plastic screens will allow the phone to fold. There is what looks like a unique hinge system in the patent designs. Obviously, this feature will play a pivotal role in giving the phone’s foldability.

Folding Phones And The Future

While it is undeniable that we are excited about the idea of folding phones we may just represent an insignificant segment of the market. How this type of phone will improve online casino games is still to be discovered. Visit newzealandcasinos.co.nz for casino games example. Everyone will be waiting to see how the phone performs in the trial markets. A good response might see an increase in foldable devices. Not only from Samsung but also from several other phone manufacturers.

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