Hold on, let me take a selfie. This particular meme has spawned a camera, apps, a song, a TV show and a Broadway musical can’t be too far off. However, the end of the selfie as we know might already be upon us. The bad news? Glitch-Face is just a selfie by another name.

Ready for an anti-millennial rant? Meh, life in the corner office is tedious enough without unnecessary faux rage or gratuitous navel gazing.

So, if you are down the concept of the anti-selfie, the gitch-face, then here are a handful of ways of make yourself anew, unrecognizable, beautiful and totally now.

Clockwise: Flow, SLMMSK and flow.
Clockwise: Flow, SLMMSK and flow.

The first name you will need to know is Andrew Benson, who created flow cam wherefrom the Adam Ferriss’ psychedelic gush doth spill forth.

Selfie: The Meme from Heck
• Selfie on ABC
— Starring my favorite Dr Who companion, Karen Gillan
— #SELFIE, the official music video
— Selfie Camera App on Google Play and iOS App Store
Selfie Stick because you couldn’t look any dumber

Then there’s Pixel-Drifter, a slacker tool if there ever was one. It’s a web app written in Java — OK, so you might have to install something — that simply drag an existing jpeg onto and then…

Why glitch-face? Who knows, but where do you go after comic sans and neck beards.

While there is probably another Brooklynite known as the right and good glitch-face queen, my heard about this anti-selfie meme from Marina Galperina (top image). You can find here at Fast Company.

Marina’s write up includes more tools and tricks of the meme ascendent. Get your glitch-face on…

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