google play gift cards

google play gift cards

An anonymous tipster sent this picture over to the guys at Android Central today. It clearly shows what look to be official $25 Google Play gift cards.

This comes just a day after a Google Play Store update was released that alluded to the possibility of introducing Google Play gift cards. ┬áThis is a smart move for Google as they have a much larger content offering than they used to and should give them more ‘real world’ visibility in retail outlets next to iTunes gift cards.

iTunes gift cards are sold widely in stores ranging from supermarkets to high-end department stores, ensuring that even those people who don’t own any Apple products can purchase something thoughtful and useful for those who do.

The Google Play gift cards confirmed so far come in $10 and $25 amounts and, according to the labeling, you’ll be able to purchase music, movies, books, apps – everything.

No word on where or when the Google Play gift cards will be sold. Needless to say, the cards are likely to be a hot gift item for Android users this coming holiday season.

via – AndroidCentral