nexus 7 tablet

nexus 7 tablet

In a move that is pretty unprecedented for Google, they have placed an advertisement for one of their products right on the main site. Typically this page has been no more than a search bar and the Google logo (aside from the occasional Google doodle).  It goes to show just how serious Google is about pushing its Nexus hardware to the general public and a sign of just how well the $199 Nexus 7 tablet is selling.

Keep in mind, this is we are talking about here. Its one of the most visited sites on the planet and used 320 million times per day by people in the USA alone.  Based on our research, this is visible to users of any desktop web browser which is what you’d expect. What we were surprised to find is that if you visit from an iPad you see the ad there as well which is bound to draw some attention.


So what do you all think about Google adding this to their homepage? If you are rocking a Nexus 7 tablet, how you do like it?




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