Google Tells Glassholes To Stop Being Creepy

It has yet to be released but Google Glass is already in the hands of many people and since a good portion of those individuals are being looked down upon as “glassholes,” Google is trying to change the way that non-Glass users view the product.

Google Tells Glassholes To Stop Being CreepyGoogle has released a list of tips for Glass Explorers, some of which specifically address the Glasshole stigma that has been created.

(Don’t) Be creepy or rude (aka, a “Glasshole”). Respect others and if they have questions about Glass don’t get snappy. Be polite and explain what Glass does and remember, a quick demo can go a long way. In places where cell phone cameras aren’t allowed, the same rules will apply to Glass. If you’re asked to turn your phone off, turn Glass off as well. Breaking the rules or being rude will not get businesses excited about Glass and will ruin it for other Explorers. – Google

The fact that Google is specifically telling people to stop being awkward and “creepy” when using Glass shows that the company is realizing that a product with a bad image like Glass’ will not do well when it is released to the public.

Many of the tips provided by Google are pretty much self-explanatory, like “ask for permission” before taking photos and videos of other people.

Our Glass Explorer community, which consists of people from all walks of life, actively participates in shaping the future of Glass, – Google

The essence of the Explorer program is not just to try out the product and report back to Google but rather to boost the device’s reputation so that when a public release comes, everyone is trying to buy Glass. Unfortunately, the current group of Explorers are having a hard time when it comes to showing off the great features of Glass since other people view them as weird.

Summary: Google has released a set of tips for its Glass Explorers in an attempt to shift the way that they present the device to the rest of the world. Google’s suggestions directly target the actions of so-called Glassholes, who come off as creepy when using the product.

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  1. Google Glass is going to become ubiquitous, much like email, because it will provide such a huge advantage in the social space that anyone not using it can not possibly compete. Much like trying to live without email or a cell phone, in the Google Glass world you’ll be considered useless if you don’t have one or if you don’t use it as creepily as possible.

    Google Glass is, first and foremost, going to be used to make it easier to seduce women. You’ll look at a girl and her whole life’s history will be summed up in a single score. If you indicate so, it will generate a list of potential pick-up conversations and personality traits, ripe for the plucking. It will detect her mood, tell you if she’s lying, tell you how the date is going, and suggest when a great time to make a move is.

    Women, of course, will have their own app. It will indicate if a man is married/single/gay, how much he earns, if he has a violent criminal record (much like that sex offender app you can side-load today). It will even tell you how ‘likely’ they are to abuse you, based solely on what a computer things of his face and his life.

    Cops will look at you and get an instant list of everything you’ve ever been arrested/convicted for, whether or not you are ‘probably intoxicated’ based on an algorithm’s judgement, any a list of any warrants/unpaid parking tickets out for you. If you tell them the smallest lie their glasses will let them know so they can arrest you immediately, because even the smallest white lie to a cop is illegal. (never talk to a cop)

    Bosses will see how ‘energetic’ and ‘devoted’ you are, based on an algorithm that judges every aspect of your physical appearance, motion, and speech. They will be able to send you home if you aren’t sufficiently ‘productive’ that day – according to the app’s judgement. They will know if you don’t ‘love’ your job, they will know if you are looking for a new job, they will know if you are hungover. All of this will be used against you as often as possible.

    HR personnel/interview types will get a list of all the jobs you’ve ever had, their salaries, any arrests/convictions, and what college you graduated as well as your GPA. Their Google Glasses will tell them whether you are winging an answer to a question or actually know the answer. They will receive an instant notification if you lie or omit anything.

    Google Glass is the death of privacy. The last nail in the coffin of the human soul. We are now living in a world where one mistake can and _WILL_ destroy your life forever, so you had better pay someone to get it right. (how you afford 24/365 nanny care is your problem!)

    If Google prevents Glass from doing these things by fiat then some other company will not. The first company that makes creep-show easy and invisible will be a massive success. To not use smart glasses will be to live in the stone age, before everyone knew what everyone else was thinking.

    Embeded in this blog post is a Vimeo clip called “Sight” ( ) – everything shown except the last 15 seconds is possible with a smart phone today. Glass will make it all a thousand times easier and less noticeable. <- my blog

  2. tl;dr

    I think Glass will be viewed not unlike the manner in which bluetooth headsets are viewed. Considering the purported cost of Glass, it will viewed as prohibitively expensive and garner much the same distaste as a person wearing a bluetooth headset in public.

  3. The price will come down. If not from Google then someone else.

    A bluetooth headset is a bad comparison. A bluetooth headset provides the advantage of not having to hold a phone up to your head. Smart glasses provide the advantage of reading minds and hearts and seeing into the all-knowing past. <- my blog

  4. It’s not necessarily the people who are creepy, but Google’s business model. Why do these need to have an out-facing camera? Having a computer screen on your face would still be pretty cool. Maybe just leave the camera off of there and avoid the whole controversy.

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