HONOR Band 5 Evaluation

Nowadays, more and more smart bands are used in life. They can record people’s sports status. They can record a lot of data in life. For example, sleep quality test, heart rate test, blood oxygen test, blood pressure test, etc. Having it is equivalent to having a personal health assistant. HONOR Band 5 is famous for its affordable price and strong performance. Today,I will give you an evaluation of it from many aspects.

1. Appearance

The color of HONOR Band 5 is black. Black is the most fashionable color. It is a color that many users like best and will choose. In order to meet the needs of different groups, it introduces the same fashionable blue and pink. It is loved by the vast number of users.
The screen used by HONOR Band 5 is a 0.95-inch AMOLED color screen. This kind of screen will display better during the day. It will not be impossible to display in the sun like an ordinary black-and-white screen.

2. Weight

HONOR Band 5 weighs less than 30g. It is light to wear on your hands. On the basis of less than 30g, it retains the design of shortcut keys on the home page. You can return to the homepage with one click, which is convenient to use.

3. Powerful customization

24-hour heart rate detection helps users understand the changes of heart rate at all times. It supports 10 sports modes. The mobile phone has customized the corresponding usage software to record the user’s motion data in real time. It helps users to understand their own health.
It is waterproof at a depth of 50m. You can take it with you when swimming and bathing.
The swimming mode with bad hands can identify four swimming postures: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. The swimming speed and distance of the user are recorded in real time. It is equivalent to the user’s personal swimming coach.

4. Long Endurance

HONOR Band 5 uses a battery with a capacity of 100 mA. It can be used for up to 14 days at a time. After the heart rate detection and sleep detection functions are turned on, the use time is6 days. For better use, it is recommended to charge electricity every 5 days or so outside sleep time

The smart band will monitor the user’s sleep in real time. The long endurance enables it to record sleep data for more than several days at a time. It can analyze these data and provide users with more than 200 kinds of sleep suggestions.
5. Price

You can buy Band 5 in UK

with £ 29. 99. The price is cheap. If you buy more than £ 39. 99 at one time, you will enjoy free service.

6. Connect Your Cell Phone

HONOR Band 5 can connect to your smartphone. It can provide additional message reminder, music control, automatic camera and mobile phone positioning functions.
You must not miss such a cheap but powerful smart band.

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