How Can Teachers Organize A Contest Via An Online Education App?

In this ultra-digitalized era of conducting classes via mobile teacher app, learning often becomes tedious for the students. Teachers can take the initiative to conduct some online competitions for the students, such as online writing, drawing, singing, or dancing competitions. In this article, we will discuss how teachers can hold interesting contests by using the same app they use to teach the students.

Any kind of competition, be it online or offline, gets success only if many participants appear for it. Most educational institutions use the best app for online teaching to take classes. Interestingly enough, these apps can also be used wittily to organize contests.

Educators are already well aware of how to teach online. However, in this article, we will brief the teachers of various educational institutions on how they can hold competitions smoothly and excite the students to participate.

1.   Define The Aim Of The Competition

It is essential to define the objectives of the contest to the students. This will give them a clear idea as to whether they should take part in it or not. For instance, which classes’ students can participate in it. Are all the grades to take part in the online contest? No matter what the type of contest is, specifying the theme of the contest is crucial.

Informing the students about the rewards that they are going to receive on winning is important. If it is a writing competition, mentioning the topic is vital. Similarly, if it is a dance competition, specifying the form of the dance is important. Likewise, the central theme or structure of the contest has to be specified to the students.

2.   Drafting The Central Plan Of The Competition

Once the competition’s goal has been disclosed to the students, the time has come to chalk out the chief plan of the contest. The focus should be on specifying the platform where the competition is going to take place live. You may use the usual app for teaching classes; otherwise, you can use some other platforms that you think will support a smooth functioning at the competition.

If you wish to make it an inter-college or inter-school contest, attractive posters are to be completed and then sent via emails to the principals of the various other institutions. It is better to ask a graphic designer to design the contest poster to drive a greater number of pupils towards taking part in the contest. Spreading the word of the competition through email marketing or social media posts can turn the online inter-school or inter-college competition to gain incredible success.

3.   Defining The Submission Process To The Students

Before the competition begins, inform the participants about the submission process. If it is a dance, acting, or singing competition, you may ask them to record their performance beforehand and then stream the videos by sharing the screen on the online meeting platform. If it is a drawing or writing competition, specify clearly to the participants if they are supposed to submit the work in handwritten or typed format.

Announce the general rules of the competition once more on the final day of the competition so that no one’s work or performance gets canceled for not fulfilling the  conditions of the competition.

4.   Selecting The Judges And Declaring The Winner

Deciding who will form the jury and assess the students’ works is a crucial step. A bit of brain scratching is required to ensure that the selected judges have their expertise in the field related to the competition.

To give fairness to the competition and ensure that an impartial and unbiased judgment is passed, inviting a teacher, who is not a part of your institution, to become the judge is a good decision.

Make sure to keep a technical expert in the competition to solve any glitches that may occur during the contest.

Once these steps for organizing the competition have been completed successfully, you need to decide the tools to be used for evaluation. You can consult with some other teachers of the institution to select the defining areas or judgment criteria based upon which the submission or performance of the students are to be assessed.

Specify a fixed date on which the winner names are to be declared so that the participants know when to expect the contest’s outcome.


Organizing online contests can help the students come out of their stressed state of mind. They will enthusiastically participate in the games, and this will give them a chance to polish their skills in the area in which the contest is being held. Exciting and fun events like these refresh their mind, and they get the zeal to focus on their lessons all the more. Hopefully, you have got a clear idea as to how to organize the contest. Good luck in managing it!