How can you a soundtrack to your YouTube videos

You have enormous talent as a videomaker and creativity to spare, but unfortunately you realized that you made a distracting mistake in the last video you made: you forgot to add the soundtrack. A sizable mistake, since you’ve already spent hours and hours of your time editing the movie and you’ve already rendered it as well as uploaded it to YouTube. Doing it all over again would be a huge job and you just don’t have time at the moment.

If your intent is to add a soundtrack to videos uploaded to YouTube, then you have to take into account some preliminary procedures. First of all you must in fact know that the creation of a YouTube channel requires, as a mandatory and fundamental prerequisite, the possession of an account dedicated to Google services.

The possession of a Google account, in fact, allows you to have access to all the services of the Mountain View giant, including YouTube of course. Therefore, before proceeding, you must be sure that you have this specific account. In the event that you do not have it, you will have to create it and then log in to YouTube by indicating the data of the same. Only in this way will you be able to have all the features of the video sharing platform. Now skip the next steps until when it comes to add a sountrack.

How to add a soundtrack to videos uploaded to YouTube

Once the video has been uploaded to the YouTube editor, you can make some basic changes to it. To do this, press your icon which is located in the upper right corner and then, from the drop-down menu that you will see on the screen, click on the word Creator studio so that you can view the section dedicated to your channel on YouTube.

Once you are in the Dashboard section you will need to click on the Video Management menu item that you will see located on the left. This screen will show you all the videos you have uploaded to YouTube. At this point, if you want to add a soundtrack to the uploaded videos, you will have to press the Edit button corresponding to your video.

Finally, you will have access to the integrated YouTube editor through which you can make some basic improvements to the movie and add a soundtrack completely free. The music offered by YouTube is in fact free from copyright and can be used within the platform. You can also use these tracks in case you want to monetize the videos you make.

To view the list of all the music tracks that you can add as a soundtrack to the videos you publish on YouTube, you will need to click on the Audio item which is the one that has a musical note symbol.

By default, the original audio of the video will be used if available but, by clicking on an audio track, located under the item Tracks in the foreground, you can apply it to the video and make changes to the audio by pressing the Place audio button. YouTube soundtracks are divided into several sections; to see them all you will have to click on the drop-down menu of the most popular songs that you can see under the item Tracks in the foreground.

Once you have chosen a new soundtrack for your video you can apply it and save the changes by pressing the Save button. However, if you do not want to overwrite the original soundtrack, press the Save as new video button to have an original copy of the edited video available.

You can experiment with different music on your video and retrace your steps at any time by pressing the Restore original button. What if you wanted to use more music beyond what YouTube has to offer? It is recommended that you use music from Artlist. All music provided by the platform is guaranteed not to infringe the copyright of its creator. Interested? Use the Artlist Discount Code to enjoy free music for 2 months!