How to Become a Legal Advisor of a Company?

Before learning how to become a legal advisor of a company, first let’s know who is a legal advisor (for those who don’t know).

Who is a Legal Advisor?

Legal Advisor is a person who gives legal advice, frequently in an official capacity. Most of the government officials who are qualified as lawyers (jurist) in some of the countries can be considered or get the title Legal Advisor.

The career of a Legal Advisor is one of the immense responsibilities, pressure and excitement kind of job. Legal Advisor can be employed in government sector as well as the private sector. In order to become a renowned legal advisor like Douglas Healy, you need to gain more experience in this field but before that you need to be eligible with basic requirements to get started as a legal advisor for any company or to be working in a legal firm.

Roles and Duties:

Below mentioned are four roles as well as duties of a Legal Advisor. They are as follows:

  • Counsel: Legal advisor counsels his minister, the government or the private sector which he/she is representing currently about any particular topic, issue, problem or situation. They can also counsel the head of the state regarding their issues and problems as well.
  • Compliance: Legal advisor also takes care of the conformity or compliance of a treaty which has been formed with general rules of the law and which has previously been accepted the legal commitments of the party as well which he/she is representing.
  • Technical issues: He/she must also take care of any legal-technical correction and take necessary precision of the text (which should be clear and non-questionable formulation), transitory provisions and the appropriate final.
  • Represent: He/she also represent their client/party which he represents before the national court or sometimes the international tribunals or the arbitration commissions.


To become a Legal Advisor, you need to have a bachelor degree in law. So, if you have completed your education in Bachelors of Law then you can apply for the position of a Legal Advisor in government sector or private sector.

Eligibility Requirements/Criteria:

Though there are no certain criteria for Legal Advisor, but if you want to be hired as one then you need to fulfill the below mentioned criteria/requirements.

. Firm or Company

You need to have a firm or company to be hired as a Legal Advisor. You are not need to have a large firm, a small firm or company will also do the work. But if you are an individual without a firm then you are certainly not eligible for the job. Most of the companies don’t hire individuals without a firm as a Legal Advisor.

. Practice

They should a bachelor degree in law and should also be practicing it. They also need to be practicing the corporate finance as well, as they will be working on them most of times in a company.

. Previous cases

Another one of the requirements is that you must have acted on any relevant transactions during your study regarding the study of corporate finance. Having this will give a little goodwill about your work.

Hired as Legal Advisor in a Company:

Above mentioned sub-topics which includes the education as well as the eligibility requirements are helpful for you be hired as a legal advisor. You don’t need a fancy degrees or big firms for you to be hired. Even if you have a bachelor’s degree in law and a small firm, they are chances of you to be hired as a Legal Advisor in a Company.

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