How to Learn Java With No Programming Experience

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In today’s fast-growing technical world, programming is a shining rockstar with massive opportunities for amateurs and professionals. However, many people associate programming with climbing mountains. Programming is indeed a comprehensive skill and one has to practice a lot to expertise at it, but at the same time, it does not imply that it is impossible to learn. If you want to learn programming and programming languages like Java without possessing any prior technical knowledge, here is how you can do it.

Background Research

The stepping stone to learning java is gaining some background knowledge about it. You must know about the applications of Java and what can you achieve when you learn the programming language Java. It is also important to know a few basics of java like the history and how it was started. This information will prime your knowledge about Java and create an enthusiasm in you to learn it better.

Create a Plan

Now that you have some knowledge about Java and you have decided that you want to learn it, it is time to prepare a plan. This plan will consist of five major consideration

  • Where to learn from
  • How to practice
  • Is there any scope for the internship
  • How can you earn from it
  • What is the real-time application of learning this programming language?

At the initial stage, you shall need some basic books. You can perform a short online research to find out some of the best books for learning Java. After learning the basics, you can proceed to object-oriented learning.

Find a Place to Learn

When you get your learning plan ready, it is time to look out for an ideal and suitable platform to learn Java from experts. The top  platforms where you can enroll for Java courses are:

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Codeacademy
  • Skill Share
  • YouTube (free tutorial videos for beginner’s concepts)

The best part is that the programming courses on each of these platforms are designed for beginners. So, even if you lack any technical knowledge, you can start from scratch.

Consistent Learning

Even if the days, in the beginning, are not smooth, do not give up on learning. One of the main reasons why most people who start learning Java do not succeed as a programmer is the lack of consistency. You have to stay focused on the core concepts and keep on practicing consistently. There are plenty of resources on the web that you can utilize to learn Java. However, it is your practice and enthusiasm that will make it happen


Internships are also a cool way to learn Java. You can join any firm to practice the concepts that you have learned during the courses. Many free courses give you the basic knowledge and theory of Java but not adequate space or opportunity to practice the concepts. You need to apply whatever you have learned in building software and applications. Thus, internships can be a great way to put into effect the concepts you have grasped. However, this method is applicable only when you know the basics.

If you want to genuinely learn to program, the initial task is to realize why you want to learn it. In short, there should be a solid reason for you to be interested in learning programming. Otherwise, the learning spirit won’t last long. Focus and maintain consistency in learning.