How to recover a stolen laptop

The Feeling to lose a laptop

It is one of the most unfortunate incidents to lose a laptop. It contains all your important files, data along with the photos of your family and your significant emails. Losing your laptop can be a nightmare for many and some people may also end their life over such an incident. It is however, suggested to apply some necessary precautions to the laptop the moment you purchase it. This is because even after the laptop is gone, you might recover the hardware but the files are gone once and for all.

How to protect the laptop beforehand?

The most important precaution is to use a password to log in on the laptop. This way you can save your laptop from the ordinary thieves but the technical ones might get a way out of it. When your laptop is stolen, what most criminals go after is the personal bank details and try to encrypt them. It is suggested to encrypt the desktop of your laptop to save yourself from the loss of such significant information.

Using Backup for the laptop’s Data

When the laptop is gone for bad, then you can recover your data by a previously installed backing up system of I cloud or Drop box. This is a good chance to recover all the significant data as you will then be able to retrieve it on your new device simply by logging in and backing up. It is also possible to add some good extra security to the backing up so that only you will have access to it.

Find Police to file your report

Stolen electronics always find a good way to get back to the owner if ample steps are taken at the right time for its recovery. Mostly people do not file a report against the criminal and lose their chance of retrieving their laptop. It is very important to file a report and provide the officers with all the relevant information including the serial number, IP address and several other important things regarding to the lost device.

Installing a good spying software

It is very important to install necessary software on your laptop so that you might be able t get it back in case of a robbery. This also increases the chances of retrieving the laptop back. The software allows you to have backup details of your laptop and the thief. It can even have a webcam shot of the thief which can get you to him. Along with that, you can also track down the location of the laptop and with the help of law get back to it. Amazing software can also be free of cost and it can still help you to get back your device for good.

By the end of the discussion, It is a guide to the laptop to recover its stolen data. it is important to note that all the precautions can still get your laptop stolen and there lies a very fair chance to never see it again. But, using good precautions will help you to retrieve the lost data and also to track the thief.