How to Sell Amazon Products on Instagram - Tips and Best Practices

Instagram is a perfect place for selling Amazon products. Being an entirely visual, user-friendly, and business-focused social media, it opens up many winning opportunities for Amazon sellers. Let’s find out how to sell Amazon products on Instagram, increasing your brand awareness and building loyalty.

Create an Awesome Profile

Instagram is a visual social media. So the first task is to create an awesome profile that will showcase your brand style and identity. Make sure to follow a single style in all your IG posts to make your profile brand-centered and easily recognizable. Also, use your logo and store’s name as your main profile image.

P.S. Don’t forget about linking to your Amazon store in bio.

Make Your Products Shoppable

As the next step, make your Amazon products shoppable on Instagram. This feature is available in the business profile. Making your AMZ products shoppable from Instagram is a way to significantly shorten the time the users need to purchase since they don’t have to look for your product on Amazon itself but can buy it directly.

Come up with Videos

Video content wins on Instagram and other social platforms, so you are welcome to create it. Custom videos showcasing the product as it is, demonstrating its features and use-cases have the most value. What’s more, you can make them on your own.

Pro-tip! Encourage your Insta buyers to create user-generated content and show the ways they use your product, the way it looks and delivers the benefits. It can be both custom photos you can re-publish and UG videos.

Reach Out to Influencers

Influencer marketing is another powerful strategy that works exceptionally well on social media. So, get started by reaching out to the influencers who produce content in your niche and negotiating collaboration terms and opportunities. Most influencers charge a fee for promoting your product, and sometimes the cost of their services can be high. To make your influencer campaign more effective, reach out to micro-influencers. They have a higher level of trust with their audience. However, They are still ready to recommend a suitable product in exchange for a sample or at an affordable fee.

Use Winning Hashtags

Also, don’t forget to research and use hashtags in your posts. As for product posts, you can revise the keywords you use in your Amazon descriptions, make sure they are actually used as the hashtags and add them to the post. Use your brand’s name as the hashtag to improve your brand awareness, plus add Amazon-branded hashtags to expand your reach and make your posts better findable for those looking for Amazon items on Instagram.

Run Paid Ads

Running paid ads on Instagram is another winning tactic. You can set up your campaign right from Facebook and take advantage of highly customizable settings and targeted audience. Consider running ads as Insta stories – they engage better compared to posts and are trendier on Instagram.

Use Stories to Advertise Best-Sellers and Testimonials

As one more option, use Stories to promote your best-selling goods so that the users can quickly view the story and switch to Amazon. Also, consider another idea. With the help of the highlighted Stories, you can successfully promote your users’ reviews and build social proof around your brand.

Get started by gathering as many positive reviews on Amazon as possible. Amazon feedback management software can help you with this task. By using SageMailer, for example, you will be able to kindly ask your Amazon buyers to leave a review and manage the feedback they share instantly. Then, create some screen captures and publish them in your Insta highlights.


Instagram is popular and dynamic. What’s more, it comes with an ultimate set of compelling features for Amazon or any other retail business promotion. So make sure to join it and use the tips we’ve shared above to create a sales stream and stay in touch with your current and prospective buyers.