How to Use SD-WAN to Transform Your Online Business

Staying up to date with the latest market trends, workloads, customer demands, and main competitors requires plenty of time and resources. On top of that, if you haven’t implemented new digital tools and solutions that can keep up with modern-day tasks and complexities, staying ahead of other companies in your industry will be next to impossible.

That means you have to go through the digital transformation required to stay on top of your game. Organizations worldwide are taking full advantage of digital tools and solutions, so you should do the same.

If you’re unsure how to accomplish this, the SD-WAN technology might equip you with everything you’ve been looking for. From reducing costs to increasing performance, SD-WAN solutions give you the much-needed flexibility to complete your digital transformation.

About SD-WAN

A Software-defined Wide Area Network, also known as simply SD-WAN, is a digital WAN technology that relies on LTE, MPLS, and broadband internet services to connect users to various applications as securely as possible. Therefore, SD-WAN is a virtual architecture that allows companies to leverage their transport services.

Via trusted and reliable SaaS and IaaS providers, SD-WAN solutions use centralized control to direct traffic throughout the network and secure all users. Besides securing a smooth and seamless application performance, the SD-WAN solutions also ensure a premium user experience.

As a result, companies can cut their IT costs while simultaneously increasing their agility and productivity.

The works behind SD-WAN

Traditional router-centric network models rely on ACLs and TCP/IP addresses. Routing traffic and distributing the control functions in such ways is considered inefficient, complex, inflexible, and rigid compared to other solutions appearing on the market today. Moreover, these models aren’t synchronized for cloud use and provide a poor user experience.

However, SD-WAN is nothing like that. This model relies on routing throughout the WAN and its application-aware, meaning it identifies applications to provide a superior application experience.

With the help of IaaS and SaaS providers, SD-WAN solutions provide the highest cloud performance levels and enhanced security features.

The top 5 benefits of SD-WAN technology

Learning about the innovative SD-WAN technology isn’t easy when you don’t have the required background knowledge to understand the full potential of these solutions. Here, you can find the top 5 benefits you can experience by implementing SD-WAN tools, which will paint a clearer picture of the main SD-WAN properties.

Improved performance

You won’t experience the same level of performance with all network traffic because the traffic isn’t created equal. Fortunately, companies can easily configure their SD-WAN to prioritize traffic critical for businesses or real-time services.

With these tools, businesses of all sizes and industries can reduce latency issues and thus ensure high-performance connections. It directly influences staff morale and employee productivity.

Enhanced security

Although digital technology can be great, many businesses take plenty of precautions not to expose their company to numerous security and privacy risks. Cybersecurity is becoming the primary concern for many online businesses, so introducing a solution that boosts security is something everyone is interested in.

Thankfully, most SD-WAN tools have built-in security that offers the basic VPN and firewall functions to its users.

Lower costs

Organizations work with a wide array of applications and extraordinary amounts of data, which increases operating costs. Only when you put all your IT operating costs on the paper will you realize how expensive this process really is.

However, with SD-WAN by your side, you can reduce costs of internet access and traffic while still having direct access to the cloud.

Reduced complexity

IT solutions come with numerous complexities, not only to business leaders but also to their IT experts. Poor network performance can make the job of the IT teams unnecessarily complex and demanding to deal with, which is why more and more companies are introducing SD-WAN solutions.

They come with a simplified WAN infrastructure and significantly lower the complexities that management, security, and IT experts encounter daily.

Enabled cloud use

Finally, cloud services are becoming the next big thing, and organizations worldwide are adopting these new solutions.

You’ll be glad to hear SD-WAN enables cloud use by having direct access to any remote data. Companies with branch offices or employees scattered across different locations can now enjoy seamless and secure access to all cloud data.


All in all, investing in an SD-WAN solution is just what you need to do if you haven’t done it already. This technology will equip your company with countless benefits. Besides lower costs and improved performance, you’ll be able to transform how you approach and complete your digital tasks.

Choose an SD-WAN tool and experience the difference today.