How to Watch Live Sports Online

Live sports online is typically divided into official subscriptions or free-to-view channels. Regardless of whether you have the budget or not, here’s how to watch live sports games on the internet.

A Capable Internet Connection

The quality of stream dictates the necessary bandwidth you need for a seamless watching experience.

Standard definition videos, or ones that are in 360 or 480p can load quickly in a 10mbps connection. Anything higher than that and you will need a 20 to 50 mbps connection.

4K resolutions will demand a lot of bandwidth- you’ll need a 100mbps connection to be able to view them without buffering issues.

Choose Your Streaming Platform

Each respective sport will have its own platform. For instance, the NBA has the NBA League Pass, the NFL has NFL Game Pass and so on and forth. If you want more coverage on different sports then you can get ESPN+, NBC or Fox Sports, etc.

Sureman 슈어맨 is one of the leading sports broadcasting companies in South Korea. You’ll be able to watch major sports games such as MLB, NBA and EPL 100% free.

If you have a cable or satellite TV subscription you can view the available sports channels online, then get the schedule to watch the games you want.

Your Favorite Web Browser

A web browser is needed to access the streaming platform via URLs. Most modern devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops will have them, which means you can watch anytime as long as you have an internet connection.

Good web browsers include Chrome, Firefox or Edge, which are built in Android and Windows devices. Make sure to update them to the latest version at the Play Store or by going into their respective settings.

Watching live sports online is easy and can be done with little to no problem. Keep in mind that the video quality matters when you want to be fully immersed, and the higher the stream, e.g., HD or 1080p, the better!

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