HTC is rumored to be working on a new phablet that will go toe-to-toe with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 — the HTC DLX, a device that  just could be end up being the next superphone fans will be pining after.

We shared the leaked specs yesterday and while we weren’t completely impressed, one reader has pointed out that the HTC DLX benchmark results are out, prompting us to dig a little deeper and see if we dismissed the HTC’s phablet too soon.

Football4PDA claims that the HTC DLX will come with a 5″ 1080p Full HD display, a quad-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor, 1.5 GB RAM, 16 GB storage, a 12 MP/2 MP rear and front camera, 2500 mAh non-removable battery and will be running the latest version of Android Jelly Bean out of the box. Those specs by itself sound mighty impressive but the problem we noted is that the current phablet champ, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, overall looks like a better deal. But let’s take a look at the benchmarkresults and see how these devices stack-up against each other.

According to the popular benchmarking app AnTuTu, the HTC DLX received an impressive score of 11510. If the rumors are true that the device is headed to Verizon, possibly as the HTC Droid Incredible X, it would be the first phone in Big Red’s line-up that have reached those level scores and the first to pack Snapdragon S4 pro chipset. However, while those scores are indeed something to brag about, it’s worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has scores in the 12000 range and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is in the 13000 range.

HTC DLX AnTuTu Benchmark

So does this mean both Samsung Galaxy devices are better? Well, not exactly. The AnTuTu benchmarking scores are not necessarily reflective of real-world performance. Also, the HTC DLX is still in development so these scores could change once we get the device’s final version. Still, a score in the 11000 range proves that HTC’s phablet packs quite a wallop.

Are you looking forward to the HTC DLX? Will it be able to hold its own against the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Discuss in the comments below!


  1. Non removable battery and no SD card expansion are non starters for me. HTC needs to quit pulling an “Apple” and cramming things down their throats. It’s a shame, I would have seriously considered it just for the 1080p screen alone.

  2. 1080p on a 5inch screen? overkill dude. plus that thing looks UGLY as F… are going down hill since 2011..

  3. I’m waiting to see what it has under the hood (for real) and I doubt it will look like above (’cause it is ugly).

    5″ may be a good balance as the Note is possibly that little bit too big, i remember picking up the Dell 5 inch phone which was great at the time.

    I hope it’s good, ’cause I just don’t get touch wiz.

    I agree that HTC need to pick up their game.

  4. I agree. I loved my Dell Streak 5 and how it looked/felt. If only Dell worked on the internals a little harder, maybe it wouldn’t have passed on so quickly.

  5. HTC has shot itself in the foot again – lame ass non removable
    2500 mAh battery VS Note II removable 3100mAh battery, HTC – fixed internal storage VS Samsung – expandable memory, HTC – only 5inch screen VS Samsungs – 5.5 inch screen. This is a no-brainer HTC DLX certainly has a better newer processor, but what’s the point of a powerful phone with a weak battery, that’s like a ripped man with heart failure.

    Only Samsung seems to have gotten it right (for the most part). HTC keeps nerfing it’s own products, Google perpetually falls short with Nexus deivces, Like putting 8GB storage and others just keep bumbling about.

  6. It’s got nothing on the Note 2. No 1024 level pressure sensitive stylus for writing. And it looks ugly. Sorry, nice try.

  7. it looks pretty nice in my opinion, 5 inches seems perfect. I also agree that htc’s ui is better than samsungs

  8. From the pictures, that looks like a phone that was being anticipated to be released last year. It was called the “HTC Zeta”. Was suppose to be quadcore and be one of a kind. Guess HTC delayed for too long. Now, its far from one of a kind lol. Oh well, glad to see they didn’t just trash the phone. But then again, this “rumor” on this page might just be fake. All I know is, the phone in that pic was named HTC Zeta originally.

  9. I do not agree about the 5′ screen being a handicap, but I agree that fixed paltry 16 GB storage and the battery may pull the dlx down.

  10. This is an old picture that was used for a concept of HTC called Zeta (as noted by “SurgeonNY”), which dates back to the beginning of November 2011.

    Surely this will not be how it will look like, especially not after the gorgeous One X.

    I think it would look more like this:×448.png
    Confirming the above design are these photo’s of a similar phone:

    I can’t wait for this phone if it looks like the phone on the links.

  11. At least it doesn’t have a hard home button. Why the hell do Samsung and apple have these Jurassic components?

  12. The battery is the same size as the Galaxy note, what’s your point, you are comparing a 5 inch screen with a 5.5 inch.
    Was the battery on the Galaxy note rubbish?

  13. This is the screen size I wanted, but no removable battery and storage = No sale
    Just like every other recent HTC device. They’re losing money and market share for a reason – the reason being they keep pushing superficial crap instead of building what customers want.

  14. no, it wasn’t, when it was released over a year ago….this is a device that is still unreleased, so comparing spec’s with the “old model” probably isn’t what HTC wants you to do either…

  15. Fair point, that’s why I didn’t buy it.

    HTC have been fantastic (well at least with the only smartphone I have had) apart from poor batteries, which I think all smartphones suffer from at least till recently.

    I had the SIII for a while and it has a fantastic battery, I got up to 3 days out of it compared to less than one day with my current HTC desire HD which I have gone back to.

    It’s just a personal thing but I can’t do the hard home button thing, I don’t understand why they exist.

  16. Unfair comparison. Except for the screensize similarity, these phones have little in common. SS gn2 is a small tablet while the Htc is a really large smartphone. They have their own benefits and weaknesses, but they are not similar.

  17. If you hate the hard home button just install SwipePad and put a shortcut to your home launcher. You won’t need to press a hardware button anymore, and once you get used to the thing you’ll see how it also enhances multitasking.
    You will never, ever need to press the home button again. In fact, I also installed it on my Nexus 7, which has on-screen buttons and I still never use the home button since it’s much more convenient to swipe the screen and get a shortcut to the home screen or chrome or any other app installed.

    The presence of a hardware home button is nothing to get angry at when your OS allows that level of customization. The button could break and you could still use the device.

  18. Understand,

    Is there a good reason for the hare button on Samsung and iphone?


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