Most gamers are familiar with Humble Indie Bundles (and if you’re not, check it out for accessible, unusual titles at pay-what-you-want prices), and there was also a Humble Bundle of music, with songs from They Might Be Giants, OK GO, and Jonathan Coulton, among others. Humble Bundles have been really successful in giving fans discounted media, introducing new works to possible fans, and raising money for charity. The newest addition is the Humble eBook Bundle.

This new bundle  is a collection of the following e-books:

Pirate Cinema by Cory Doctorow
Pump Six by Paolo Bacigalupi
Zoo City by Lauren Beukes
Invasion by Mercedes Lackey
Stranger Things Happen by Kelly Link
Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link

The Humble eBook Bundle, like the other Humble Bundles, is a pay-what-you-want price. Technically, you could get all six titles for a dollar, or, hey, a nickel, if you wanted! Customers who pay more than the average, which is currently just under $13, will also receive Old Man’s War, by John Scalzi, and and the graphic novel Signal to Noise by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. One of the great things about Humble Bundles is the ability to get a great deal on entertainment, and determine what percentage of your purchase price is going to the authors.

These ebooks can be purchased as PDF, MOBI, or ePub version, so they can be read on your iPad or your Android tablet.… or on the computer, I guess, if you want to read a book while it looks like you’re working! The downloads are DRM-free, which means you can purchase a book, and download and install it on one ereader, and then still have access to it when you upgrade your tablet or get a new iPad.

This Humble eBook Bundle will be available for twelve more days. I hope that this has the same success as the Humble Indie Bundles, and this type of distribution for ebooks becomes more common and successful.