Price: $0.99    Score: 4/10   Category: Games

Hunger Calls is a simple new conveyor-belt puzzle game from You tell the food where to go so the customer eats the right food, and they in turn pay you more money, in the magical microeconomics of Hunger Calls-land. When you do feed the people enough of the right food you progress a level.

Then you do it again, but maybe with another person or another direction to send the food along the conveyor belt network. Then you do it again. And again. And again. And-

Yeah. To make things worse, there’s very little in terms of a story to back up the repetitive gameplay. The game opens with some kid building a robot which apparently likes to be helpful, who you, through some logical gymnastics, come to realize is the one directing this food along the conveyor belts, although how that’s obvious is anyone’s guess, since you never see him during the game.

All the levels take place in the same diner, which you have to change by spending your in-game money on new wallpapers etc (paying to make a game more fun!), the music makes you feel like you’re stuck in an elevator, and the play-related upgrades you can buy. You can pay to make your hamburgers more tasty (which again, somehow forces customers to hand over more money for the same item), are overpriced and don’t make the game any more fun, or even affect it in any visible way other than giving you more in-game cash to spend boring yourself to death.

Bottom Line: You find these kind of games on Miniclip. And at least you haven’t paid a dollar to go on there. If you’re the world’s most obsessive slow-paced conveyor puzzle fan, definitely worth a look in. Anyone else, save your money. Go buy a Hershey’s.

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