IBM will control traffic

In a recent development, IBM has been allowed to control traffic lights through artificial intelligence. The patent by IBM shows IBM will control traffic signals with the help of AI. It means no more timers for traffic signals.

Traffic would be next big thing to be controlled by using artificial intelligence. This system will surely give public a relief.

IBM traffic controlling system

IBM traffic controlling system will work by analyzing the real-time situation of traffic flow and then will decide what is the best way to manage traffic. As soon as a route is free, the system will give a green light for it, rather than waiting for the timer.

It worth mentioning here that IBM has been in the artificial intelligence field since long ago. It had an AI powered computer which defeated a well-known chess player.

It would be nice to see how the traffic controlling system goes.

Many people get stuck in traffic for a long time, like they would never reach home, or at least not anytime soon. If the technology behind this patent works, there will be a significant decrease in the traffic jams, no more guilty feeling for reaching office late.

The patent has very clear info on how this system will work, let us have a look.
The patent says that for determining the best possible time for traffic signals, an AI rich computer will analyze the video of one or more intersection paths.

The computer calculates traffic flow for the one or more paths of the first intersection based on the identified traffic.

Says the patent.

The computer will then control signals for next intersection according to the traffic of the previous intersection. This way, it will be able to control traffic more precisely.

It will be exciting to see this technology in action. The field of AI is picking up a fast pace this year, from mobile phones to home appliances, computer and mobile apps, AI is playing a great role.

We will keep you updated with development.