Increase Google Adwords Quality Scores by Enhancing User Experience

You might have encountered some text ads when you search on Google. These text ads are called Google Ads. “Auction” is the algorithm that gets to work once a user searches for a query, then this algorithm displays the most relevant ads to the user. These functions of Google are highly effective for advertising your business to the targeted audience. 

Google Ads is a relatively cheap mode of advertising when looked at in light of the information it provides. Each keyword is assigned a CPC, and you can spend on it as per your budget. The best part of Google Ads is that every big and small advertiser is at an equal scale here; your ad will be visible provided that your keywords, ads, and landing pages are not irrelevant.

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Benefits of Adwords System over Other Advertising Norms

With Adwords, you can target the audience which you want to hit. You can target the audience by their location, by the device which they use, or the location of your business. This is practically a blessing for small businesses that have no use of worldwide television advertising. They can project ads only in their city, thus saving tons of resources.

You can also perform remarketing. This serves people ads based on the pages that they have visited. The latest addition to this is the feature to upload lists of email addresses of customers to Google Ads. If they sign in with the same email, it will be easy to re-market them while they remain signed in.

How to Increase Adwords Quality? 

The quality score in Adwords takes into consideration various factors to adjudge the relevance of your keyword to the user’s query, and this relevance is reflected in the form of ‘Quality score”. A high-quality score means that more ads will be attracted by your keyword at a lower CPC. Following are some of the requisites to the quality score:

  • The high specificity of the ad groups.
  • Creating simple yet attractive ads.
  • High relevance of the keyword.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • Forwarding user to the right landing page.

Benefits of Enhancing User Experience

The sole purpose of marketing is not just selling a product but creating a customer base that buys and re-buys from your business. Thus enhancing the experience of the customer is very important. An enhanced user experience will provide other benefits as well, some of which are listed below.

  • Your keywords will attract a higher number of ads and that too at a lower cost-per-click.
  • The conversion rate of your ads will increase, which would, in turn, reduce the cost per conversion and increase your returns on the advertising.

Why Do Business With AIA?

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