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iOS 12 : What to expect?




If everything goes according to the plans laid years ago, Apple will hold its yearly developer’s conference in June. One of the most interesting thing to look out for would be iOS 12, the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

You might ask, why iOS 12 will be the most interesting thing this year? Apple updated its iPhone hardware last year in ways that it never did during the iPhone’s ten year long run. The iPhone X turned introduced a lot of software changes too to fit the X’s hardware.

In that process, the software Apple cooked turned out to be half-baked – glitchy. We could expect Apple to finally fix the issues on its most premium handset. Well, glitch fixes might not sound very interesting but in process of doing that, Apple could actually tune and may also make change to fundamental elements underlying iOS which weren’t updated with the iPhone X.

The software (UI) bar on the bottom of the iPhone X is not exactly convenient; especially in landscape mode. Also, UI elements on both sides of the notch always take a hit, its still not known what causes them to move and disarray.

Apple also messed up few things on the iPhone X’s UX, the notification panel can be accessed by swiping down from the left of the notch (pull down) and the right side is reserved for Control Center. It’s quite confusing and weird.

One of the most important element that could be revamped would be the home screen; it has always been a grid of icons on the iPhone which I do like and its simple but if Apple can figure out a UI and UX around it without spoiling the simplicity, then it would be like breathing fresh air for both the users and also the operating system (I mean Siri, lol).