With recent iPhone 5S parts being leaked, it seems the focus at WWDC 2013 will in fact be on the redesigned iOS 7. There has been no shortage of iOS 7 concepts in recent weeks with people imaging what Jony Ive will bring to the table when the new version of iOS is revealed at WWDC.

iOS 7 – The Same iOS. Just Better.


With a design that looks inspired by a cross between Google Now and Facebook Chat heads, this concept by Jurgen Ulbrich tries to envisage just what iOS 7 could look like running on the new iPhone 5S.


The iOS 7 concept shows just how much can be redesigned about the current version of iOS, right down to the notifications and the slide to unlock. The design just looks a lot cleaner and modern compared to the current dated look of iOS.

iOS 7 Everywhere

This time around we have seen a lot more concepts being mocked up than previous versions of iOS and that’s because of the news that the genius behind the Apple design philosophy Jony Ive has taken on the role of Scott Forstall as head of human interface. It is assumed that Jony Ive is working hard on redesigning the entire iOS look and feel to bring it up to par with recent design changes in Android and Windows Phone, which look a lot more modern than that of iOS.

The chances of a iOS 7 redesign has been reinforced since we’ve heard rumours that extra engineers have been pulled in from other projects to help out with the iOS project to keep it on track for WWDC 2013. It is expected iOS 7 will accompany the release of the iPhone 5S and will be the key focus of the keynote.

What do you think of the concept by Jurgen Ulbrich, is this something you can see on your iPhone 5S? Let us know in the comments section below.

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