iPad 4 19 Pin Connector

It’s been less than a year since the new iPad was unveiled but it looks like we may be getting an iPad 4 ( ‘new’ new iPad?) this year as well and may be possibly revealed alongside the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini.

iLounge shares that the iPad 4 will feature some minor body tweaks and that the biggest change could be the 19 pin connector that the iPhone 5 is also expected to have:

“Apple’s current plan for the fourth-generation iPad is to release another relatively modest body tweak, which would keep the shape basically the same while introducing the new small Dock Connector, a rear-side microphone, and spec-improving/heat-reducing changes to the hardware inside. The rear-side mic might aid in noise cancellation or improve audio quality during rear video recording, and is apparently just like one found on the iPhone 5, between the camera and flash; prototype iPad minis apparently have a mic on the back in the same place.”

iPad 4 19 Pin Connector

iLounge’s “highly reliable source” also suggests that we might see a new iPod Touch that will “grow in screen size and performance relative to its 3.5”-screened, A4 CPU-based predecessor.” The report notes that if the new iPod Touch debuts alongside the iPhone 5, this will be the first time that Apple will offer new versions of these products at the same time.

I just upgraded to a new iPad this month after I finally conceded that the Retina display was indeed a thing of beauty so I’m not sure how I feel about this news so far. For you guys out there, are the rumored improvements on the iPad 4 enough to convince you to get a new one? Or will you be getting an iPad Mini instead?

  1. As an iPad 2 and “new” iPad early adopter, if that’s it for changes to the iPad then there would be absolutely no reason to upgrade. Why would I care about a 19-pin dock connector? And as I (and I presume most iPad owners) rarely if ever shoot video with the iPad, a back-side microphone would also offer no inducement to buy.

    I seriously doubt that those are the sum total of changes and improvements planned. But who knows?

  2. i wonder when the full sized ipad 4 is coming and it will be nice to have an 8 megapixal camera

  3. i hope we see the full sized ipad 4 soon i think apple will put an 8 megapixal camera to the full sized ipad 4

  4. and on the full sized ipad 4 i wonder how high the retina display will be on it iam sure apple will make the retina display higher

  5. i read before that apple might release the full sized ipad 4 alongside the iphone 5 and ipad mini i hope they will or it might be in 2013 i wish we knew exactley when

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