Here is the deal. An iPad casemaker, which has accurately predicted four-of-five Apple iThing launches, is already promoting their iPad 5 case line. A bold move or just so much marketing? Fundamentally, whether they’re right or wrong, a whole bunch o’ buzz is the result.

The good people at Gumdrop Cases are pushing their iPad 5 cases on their website ahead of Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference. No, these products aren’t available for sale, but they are nonetheless placing a big reputational bet that could bite them hard.

9 to 5 Mac adds to the plot in reporting Gumdrop has produced 15,000 iPad 5 cases in anticipation of being right.

Whereas Gumdrop CEO Tim Hickman et al have gotten four-of-five recent iThing launches right, their one miss was fairly epic — an iPhone 5 was predicted in the Fall of 2011 and Apple actually shipped the iPhone 4S, ouch.

That said, a recent leak of unknown Apple SKUs included two numbers previously associated with iPads, specifically Apple’s fourth-generation tablet. Hmm, with that background, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Apple ships, or at least introduces, a thinner, lighter iPad 5 at WWDC 2013.

Are you a betting kind of gal, or guy? Will Apple ship the iPad 5, or soon thereafter, at WWDC? This iPad using fan boy is thinking it would be a good idea…

What’s your take?