Quick, what time is it? If you said, time to buy a new tablet, then Apple has an offer you would be silly to refuse. Yes, the iPad Air 2 is still very much an iPad in design and function, however it’s radically improved display and camera are major innovations.

For example, DisplayMate has tested and evaluated the iPad Air 2’s new and greatly improved display with antiglare technology. Overall, while the display itself is very good (not best), Apple’s antiglare tech is best-in-class.

“A major innovation for the iPad Air 2 is an anti-reflection coating on the cover glass that reduces ambient light reflections by about 3:1 over most other Tablets and Smartphones, and about 2:1 over all of the very best competing Tablets and Smartphones,” writes DisplayMate enthusiastically. We measured a 62 percent decrease in reflected light glare compared to the previous iPads and agree with Apple’s claim that the iPad Air 2 is ‘the least reflective display of any Tablet in the world’ – both are in fact understatements.”

Apple marketing that’s understated? It’s not every day you’ll hear someone say that!

iPad Air 2 Camera: Excellent

The same people who said Samsung’s giant phones were stupid also said people look dumb using an iPad to take pictures. And, they were right on both counts, except that users very much like phablets and the iPad, such as it is, is a really awesome camera + viewfinder.

“I think people look a little silly doing it but I can understand why,” said Amit Gupta, founder of Photojojo.com. “It’s like the world’s biggest viewfinder.”

That said, Apple has upgraded the iPad Air’s camera sensor from 5MP (megapixels) to 8MP, on par with the ever best-in-class camera found in the iPhone 6, etc. As always, the iPad Air 2’s great big 9.7-inch display, now with the above mentioned antiglare tech, is the ultimate viewfinder.

The camera also comes with advanced software controls and API that allow third-party app developers to more directly control the iPad Air 2’s camera. That’s also the as the iPhone 6, etc camera.

So, while you and will still look a bit silly snapping pics with our iPads, folks with the iPad Air 2 will be snapping ever clearer, more beautiful photos.

“There’s going to be less stigma because everyone’s toting around these bigger phones,” said Gupta. “It’s going to become a little easier to justify pulling out the iPad.”

Yep. Will you be buying a shiny new iPad Air 2? Buying it for the camera, display, faster processor or…

What’s your take?

Top Via: TechnoBuffalo

  1. The Air is too big for picture-taking for many, if not most, of us. The Mini is the perfect size, which is why Apple’s failure to upgrade the camera in the Mini 3 is such a travesty.

    Also, wish that Apple would add a “same size as what the eye sees” option–and have the camera good enough to show the detail well without noise! The wide angle lenses are so wide that the camera is typically best for wide landscapes or close up portraits, but nothing in between and not what we’re actually looking at!

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