Naturally, Apple's next big tablet product announcement, the iPad Pro, won't be a revolution, but rather an evolution of the existing design.

The iPad has changed the world. However, the tablet revolution, while it hasn’t gone off the rails, has definitely slowed down. Naturally, Apple’s next big tablet product announcement, the iPad Pro, won’t be a revolution, but rather an evolution of the existing design.

The Macintosh Steve Jobs introduced in 1984 isn’t vastly different from today’s desktop computers. Yes, the iMac on my desk is cheaper, faster, more communicative and reliable, not to mention effing beautiful, than the original Mac.

But, really, it’s still just a computer.

How different is the just introduced iPad Air from the the original 2010 iPad? Faster, better, more impressive speeds, feeds and ecosystem, but fundamentally the same device.

And, don’t forget the colors — silver, gold and space gray.

Little surprise then that the iPad Pro rumors being bandied about by Makotakara and repeated by bloggers near and far waddle, quack and look just like an iPad. The difference? Unlike the 9.7-inch iPad Air, the iPad Pro expected in the first half of 2015 will be feature a 12.2-inch display.

For what it’s worth the iPad Pro is expected to be the same thinness as the 7.1mm iPhone 6, which is a full millimeter thicker than the iPad Air. Given how bendy the iPad Air and iPhone 6 Plus are, it’s a good thing Apple’s going with a little additional thickness in a much, much larger slab.

Unlike the iPad Pro shown above, the real deal with likely run iOS 8.x rather than OS X Yosemite.

iPad Pro: Moving in Stereo

The 12.2-inch iPad Pro is also expected to sport a pair of stereo speakers on both the right and left sides. Current iPad speakers are merely adequate and, though competitors claim superior sound, other tablets are an improvement on adequate not truly superior.

The world NEEDS an awesome sound tablet iPad.

Would you believe it? A range of media sources speculate that the iPad Pro is designed to compete with Microsoft’s somewhat successful 12.9-inch Surface Pro laptop/slab convertible. Perhaps Apple needs to single out a Microsoft mobile product for “competition” and maybe my middle-aged bald pate with magically start growing hair again.

Go ahead, start holding your breath waiting for either of things to happen… right… about… here… it… just… another…

What’s your take?

Source: Makotakara