With the latest iPhone 5 leaks showing the next generation Apple smartphone as a bit taller and slightly slimmer than its predecessors, case molders have already begun production and according to the latest news, there is already a wide range of models to choose from.

Alibaba, an online marketplace based in China, is already the house of several iPhone 5 products of this kind, which have probably been built using the dimensions and characteristics speculated in the last two days: same design, smaller connector and different form factors.

Perhaps the most interesting twist to the story is that these case manufacturers have already found clients for their creations, with vendors already purchasing the iPhone 5 cases in large quantities.

History repeats itself, as last year when news of the iPhone 5 struck, manufacturers speculated the same opportunity but end up only with unusable products, as Apple failed to deliver a phone that resembled leaked images and characteristics.

Speaking of case manufactures, just yesterday KitGuru was the source of another iPhone 5 picture, one that rendered a metal backplate model.