iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Release dates for new versions of the iPhone are always exciting, but there is a few downsides, too. First, there is waiting in line and attempting to get your hands on the new iPhone. Then there’s the fact that the new iPhone will more than likely not offer a jailbreak solution for at least a few months after its release.

Jailbreaking doesn’t matter to everyone, but some Apple users wouldn’t even consider the iPhone or iPad if there wasn’t a jailbreaking method. When you think of this process you probably think of illegal hacking, yet really jailbreaking isn’t illegal and can be used for legit users too.

Custom programs for small businesses or just file manager solutions all require root access (aka jailbreaking) in order to work. Jailbreaking also removes some of the limitations of Apple’s closed platform.

So how long do you have to wait until you can jailbreak the iPhone 5? Hopefully not long, especially considering one respected iPhone developer, Chpwn, already has a jailbroken iPhone 5 working.

Iphone 5 – First Jailbreak in Less Than 24 Hours

The iPhone 5 just launched today and already there is a way to jailbreak it- sort of. It seems that the new solution isn’t bug free at this point and so it isn’t ready to be released to the public. The method will likely undergo many more revisions and tests before it is ready for prime time.

So how do we know that the screenshots are legit? Partially we are going on faith because of Chpwn’s reputation when it coming to jailbreaking and other iDevice mods. The other reason is because another very popular developer, MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev-Team, is already retweeting chpwn’s tweet about the jailbreak. This pretty much means that it is 99.9% likely that this is the real deal.

Again, don’t expect this to fall into public hands tomorrow or anything. More than likely it will be at least a month. The iPhone 5 has both a new processor and a new version of iOS, and that often takes time to properly hack.

Do you plan on jailbreaking your iPhone 5?

Via: Redmond Pie