A new report from iMore reiterates claims last week from iLounge that the iPhone 5 will feature a new mini-dock connector, but also goes on to suggest that the iPhone 5 design has not yet been finalized despite a planned October launch date.

According to the report, the screen size is unlikely to change – if it does, the change will be minimal – and there are no plans for a metal back to replace the problematic glass backing on the iPhone 4S.

iMore have released a raft of rumors in recent days, including Apple’s apparent plan to release a sub-$250 7-inch iPad Mini this October. The source of these rumors, however, remains “anonymous”. The site has a reasonable track record, and correctly predicted an LTE equipped iPad this year.

iPhone 5 Mini Dock Connector

Last week, iLounge made an unlikely prediction that the iPhone 5 would achieve an increase in screen size by increasing the height of the screen only, which would increase the diagonal screen width to 4-inches, but also lead to a change in the traditional aspect ratio of every iPhone released thus far.

The same report also suggested that the iPhone 5 would retain its current glass backing and would not feature the expected ‘teardrop’ design.

It’s likely that Apple will continue with their updated refresh cycle and launch the new iPhone this October, although some reports have suggested August as a potential release date.

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