The Galaxy S6, which is expected to arrive on or before April 10, has gotten good reviews. However, while Samsung’s Exynos 7 chip bests Apple’s A8 SoC, on paper, its real world performance might not be so good.

Given how badly the Galaxy S5 performed in the market, and rightly so, Samsung really needed to up its game this time around. Like Apple, they’ve come out with two models, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge (curved display edges) though only one size. On paper, at least, the Exynos 7 inside the Samsung phones offer performance that easily bests the iPhone 6.

Smart people are saying with conviction that Samsung is back because the Galaxy 6 is the right smartphone for the market.

With that background, AppleInsider set out to benchmark the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 using the GFXBench and see if those on-paper Exynos 7 performance stats actually hold water.


“In an apparent effort to win the ‘spec war,’ Samsung began aggressively cranking up device resolutions on its most expensive premium flagships after Steve Jobs demonstrated iPhone 4’s Retina Display back in 2010,” writes AppleInsider’s Daniel Eran Dilger. “The first benchmarks showing off the actual performance users will get from the new Galaxy S6 highlight that Samsung appears to still be making poor engineering choices…”

The iPhone 6 is an HD device (ie 750p) whereas the Galaxy S6 sports a QHD (2560 x 1440) display. Naturally, Samsung’s Exynos 7 needs to work really hard to keep the display filled and refreshed, so it’s not surprising that gaming performance would suffer.

That said, no one says the iPhone 6 display is unclear let alone crappy. So, you’ve got to wonder why Samsung sacrificed so much performance just for a super duper extra crispy display?

In the past, Apple has been criticized for sacrificing useable battery life in order to make devices thinner. Here we have Samsung sacrificing gaming performance in order to boost display resolution really high.

Seems kind of dumb to me…

What’s your take?

Via: Forbes

  1. Galaxy S6 a beautiful device despite being almost a copy of the iPhone 6, but not trade my iPhone for him

  2. Not that many people need a phone that can run 12 instances of Crysis at 500X anti-aliasing; Candy Crush saga I assume will work fine on the S6.

  3. Nothing but click bait. The S6 is pushing more than 3.5 times the pixels has a beautiful display and can easily run any game so who cares if the iPhone wins a benchmark at “Native Resolution”. The S6 still has faster graphics performance, just check the 1080p numbers. Saying the iPhone 6 Graphics easily best the Galaxy S6 is like saying a Computer with a GTX 680 running one 1360×768 display easily bests a computer with a GTX 980 running 3 1440×900 displays in Vision Surround.

  4. Unfortunately this is largely a comparison between Apples and Potatoes.

    The GPU benchmarks run at their native screen resolutions. None of the devices have the same screen resolution, so any results you get from the benchmark are really not very meaningful. What would be more meaningful is finding the most CPU+GPU taxing game that uses Unity 5 (Since it’s available for all platforms) and then comparing how the games perform on the devices.

    The S6 is unlikely to perform as well at native resolution, and likewise an iPhone4 sized resolution is likely to perform better on all the devices than native, but the visual quality of being upscaled likely will look much worse if the pixel density isn’t a multiple of 2 from what it’s upscaled from. Again, none of the devices would have viable results if upscaled.

    Hence we are back to the original comment about the iPhone blowing the S6 out of the water. There’s no sense in putting a higher spec screen without the GPU capacity to drive it.

  5. the author really needs a lesson in basics of what is HD, resolution etc. It is very apparent that the author has clearly not seen what is a QHD display really is. Please note, just display resolution isn’t enough, it is pixel density that is important. The S6 offers a 590 ppi (pixels per inch). What a waste of time reading such I’ll researched work.

  6. if the computer GTX 980 running 3 1440×900 is not optimized then other computer GTX 680 running one 1360×768 beats it in vision surround, thats what is happening with crapsung now a days, they are just concentrating to increase the pixel density rather than optimizing it.

  7. I think both the phones are best both have awesome features. I like the competition between the two big companies of smart phones that competition gave us new technology .I know the site of cables west cables this is awesome if any one want Ethernet cable he should go to this site westcables.

  8. If they tested that app on all platforms, Apple would not fare to well. That’s why they don’t.

  9. What is use of higher on screen performance? At equal resolution, s6 will smoke iPhone 6 out of race. And all mpderna games have resolution option in android as well so one can lower resolution to 1080p of he thinks it is best and can still get better graphics at s6’s super amoled display..

  10. Shame all videos and game look poor quality on iphone 6 cause of its disappointing display. Also if they were playing at same resolution S6 would annihilate iphone 6, have fun on your 2011 device isheep.

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