Put your tray table and seatback in the upright and locked position — guess who’s joining the mile high selfie club? United Airlines more than 23,000 mainline flight attendants are getting iPhone 6 Pluses, which is huge, huge design win for Apple.

“We are thrilled to make this investment in our flight attendants,” said Sam Risoli, United, senior vice president, inflight services. “iPhone 6 Plus will enable them to deliver an even higher level of flyer-friendly service and will offer our flight attendants simple, one-touch access to valuable work information, enabling them to better serve our customers.”

United Airlines has said it will begin distributing iPhone 6 Plus handsets (configuration not mentioned) to their flight attendants in the second quarter of 2015. The devices will be used to process and manage onboard retail operations and more.

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While 23,000 iPhone 6 Plus handsets is a big order, even for Apple, the money and the units really pale in importance compared to the sky high testimonial appeal of all those flight attendants using iPhones. Boom, effing done!

To whit, United Airlines began equipping pilots with iPads back in 2011. United was among the first carriers to replace huge binders, often weighing 40lbs or more, packed with printed materials pilots were forced for decades to carry.

Do you remember when flying was fun and cool? While it’s probably pretty cool being an iPhone 6 Plus carrying flight attendant (90% discount on flights), the glamour has certainly gone out of flying…

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