iPhone 6 sensors

iPhone 6 sensors

A Chinese electronics analyst, Sun Chan Xu, is reporting via her Weibo account that the iPhone 6 could feature sensors for pressure, temperature and humidity.

These sensors are standard features of any barometer and could allow the iPhone to deliver real-time weather statistics for the area directly around the device, rather than relying on online data. The addition of a pressure sensor can also be used to calculate altitude – ideal information for hikers. In addition, “calorie burned” information in fitness apps is much more accurate when atmospheric pressure can be taken into account.

Sun Chan Xu is the same analyst who has reported that Apple”s upcoming iWatch will be capable of measuring pulse rate and blood oxygen levels via optical sensors. With no firm details yet available on the iWatch or the iPhone 6, it”s difficult to best online casino give credence to Xu”s claims regarding either device. However, given that the iWatch will be used heavily as a fitness device and coupled with the fact that Apple has been hiring experts in health sensor technology – it”s not an unbelievable claim.

Unknown to many, the Samsung Galaxy S4 already contains sensors for pressure, temperature and humidity. Rather than being groundbreaking, the iPhone 6 would just be catching up to the technology already in play.

How likely do you think it is that the iPhone 6 will come with built-in sensors such as those above? Let us know in the comments below.

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