For anyone familiar with synthetic and real-world smartphone performance tests, these results will come as no surprise. Yes, the iPhone 6 speeds past both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 even though both of the latter offer much “faster” processors and more RAM.

Earlier synthetic benchmarks performed by AnandTech (SunSpider + 11 more) and Geekbench show that the iPhone 6 is consistently a better performance than its Android rivals.

However, impressive the iPhone 6 and predecessors have proven to be on synthetic benchmarks, true iPhone 6 speed can only be measured by real world performance testing. Here again, though, iPhone 6 speed impresses again.

David Rahimy at Phonebuff set out to settle the question of which is the fastest smartphone — iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8. It would seem an unequal competition given the Android smartphone’s larger number of processor cores running at higher clock rates and larger RAM complements.

“But as many of us know, specs don’t always translate into real world performance,” writes Rahimi. “Still, the idea of a dual-cored 1 GB of RAM iPhone 6 outperforming a beefy 2014 Android flagship does seem a bit far fetched.”

Mike drop, boom!

So, if you have an Android phone you should trash it and get a shiny new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Nope, there are many, many reasons to buy a smartphone, including fit n’ finish, style, workflow, ecosystem and more.

However, if it’s synthetic test results and real-world task completion that you value, iPhone 6 speed is the benchmark…

What’s your take?

Via: Huffington Post

  1. My take is that the test is too random to be of use to anyone.
    Not to say this is being done here, but a careful selection of apps could probably ensure whatever results one chooses.

  2. Not to say that you’re casting aspersions and stirring FUD but more careful curation of the comments on this post could insure the dissemination of actual news or as one chooses…

  3. The author requested my “take”. My “take” is that “real world performance” is a metric that is virtually impossible to pin down.
    We are also dealing with two very different versions of Android which both add a considerable overhead.
    Not FUD, just curiosity. How would an LG G3 fare? What about a Google Experience/Nexus phone without the OEM customization (to say nothing of carrier bloat)? What would happen with a different set of apps? I don’t have very many of the ones tested installed on my phone, so it leaves me to wonder.

  4. Listen, this is an insider tip from a former employee of Samsung Jung daegu plant. I have nothing to gain from this. I do not endorse any phone brand. But, this has to come out for the sake of every hard Working consumer… There are 40 million units of unsold galaxy s5 in warehouses globally. Samsung is not going to throw them away especially with these company profit downfall. The memo from the Samsung high executive division are going to salvage everything from the galaxy s 5 and rebrand them as the new galaxy s6.. To cut their losses.. Now, it is up to you ( the reader) to tell your friends / family about this cunning scheme. Cheers 2015

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