Apple probably won’t ship its 2015 smartphone product line until September. Regardless, the iPhone 6s camera rumors are flying fast and furious. What other juicy tidbits does Apple’s Asia supply chain have to offer? Step inside, my pretties.

While some sources believe Apple’s going back to basics with the iPhone 6s, a growing chorus of supply chain insiders are saying otherwise.

Taiwan’s United Daily News is reporting that the iPhone 6s and perhaps other 2015 Apple smartphone updates will include a new and potentially revolution dual-lens camera system. Another technology, Force Touch, which is coming to market first in the Apple Watch, could also make its way into Cupertino’s next-gen handsets.

According to sources, a dual-lens design would allow Apple to be the first to deliver optical zoom, as well as phase detection autofocus and optical image stabilization in the smartphone form factor. Additionally, a dual-lens system could greatly improve low-light performance, another piece of the smartphone camera puzzle Apple needs to master.

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And, unlike 41 megapixel sensors and 3D imaging, these aren’t bullshit feature checklist items tailored to impress uninformed consumers. The iPhone 6 Plus already rivals the best point and shoot cameras and the new dual-lens camera could make the iPhone 6s the first camera phone able to replace a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) shooter.

Force Touch, a technology that provides contextually-specific physical feedback, is another area where Apple could leap further ahead of the competition.

As awesome as this rumored iPhone 6s sounds, honestly, if Apple offers a 4-inch iPhone 6c with a less camera at a less price, I’d buy that…

What’s your take?

Via AppleInsider

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