iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Even though early pre-order demand for the iPhone 5 was through the roof, with over five million pre-orders, Apple’s newest smartphone may have already peaked at selling, with the iPhone 4S about to claim more sales in China and other markets.

Apple’s expensive smartphone already received mixed reviews and some tech sites, including Tapscape, did not put the smartphone at the number one spot. This is the first Apple smartphone not to receive the number one spot on most websites.

Following that, Apple Maps was one of the worst releases in recent memory and Cupertino got a full blast of failure on the internet for it. Google Maps has come out for iOS and iPhone users have been downloading the app in hordes, with downloads at 10 million in 48 hours.

Apple stock prices have went down slightly these past months, with some investors worried that Apple have reached their peak as a company. The iPad and iPad Mini are still selling well, and the Mac range is doing the best it has in decades, but that does not seem to make investors happy.

While the iPhone 5 is still a great smartphone, not many people seem to want to buy the new device over the iPhone 4S, which gets all the software that the iPhone 5 does. This is a bad look for Apple, as they always want users to buy the newest products, not the old ones.

A new iPhone 5S may regenerate the sales, although we doubt there is going to be a huge differences between the two models. Hopefully, iOS7 will bring a big new design improvement that changes Apple’s age old software, now that Jonny Ive and other designers are on the iOS team.

For now, Tim Cook is just going to have to keep investors sweet with his words of wisdom and not repeat any lines from previous events.

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