iTeacherBook App

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Even though summer vacation might still last a while longer, some teachers out there will have to start preparing for the next year already. It can be hard dealing with a new class, new people, maybe even teaching a new subject and so on. Maybe there’s a test right at the beginning of some kind but the thing is—wouldn’t it be great if there was something that could help teachers out managing everything nice and tidy?

Today we’re featuring a wonderful app for teachers around the globe, namely iTeacherBook by iStudiez Team. Designed specifically as a tool to be used for school, teachers and other school staff should definitely take a look at what it can do for them.

Using iTeacherBook

The great thing about iTeacherBook is that it’s incredibly easy to use even though it has all the features you might need to run your classes and subjects. At the bottom of the screen there’s a simple interface consisting of a calendar, a planner, tasks and assignments to manage and a tab meant to show what needs to be done at the specific date.

From your planner tab you can manage everything you need. For example, here you can actually make a schedule for your classes and add every student you have in that class. After assigning your students to your class, you can start scheduling in the vacation and assigning tasks.

Tasks can be set to a specific mode, indicating if you’ve already given them and if you’ve graded and returned them. Everything can be adjusted with color too, making it an easy personal reminder of what you’re looking at and what you’re editing.

Of course you can also save the grades you’ve given on tests in the app and there’s even a very convenient back-up system allowing you to transfer all your data back to your computer.

Tapscape’s final thoughts

It doesn’t take long before you realize that iTeacherBook is an incredibly helpful and easy tool for teachers around the globe. Instead of having a whole table or computer full of shattered data and scribbles on papers you have a collective hub where from you can run all your things. I suggest you check out the app yourself and see how it suits you!

iTeacherBook requires iOS 7.0 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad