Congratulations, you’ve just jailbroken your new iPhone 5, or perhaps it was your iPad Mini, or maybe iPad 4? The world of possibilities just opened up for you, to fill the gaps which Apple forgot to implement. FullForce is not a new concept, in fact I have been using FullForce since the very first iPad to upscale Apps not optimised for the increased screen size of the iPad.


Well the developer has taken the opportunity to update this App for iPhone support, meaning you can now take those letterboxed Apps on your iPhone 5 and finally run them at full resolution.

Once you have installed the App, simply go to Settings > FullForce and you will be see a list of apps that can be utilised with FullForce. Simply toggle them to ‘On’ making sure the App is closed, and hey presto the App will now fit the iPhone 5 screen.

If you launch a letterboxed App and forgot to set the App to ‘On’ in the settings previously, a message box will appear prompting you to use FullForce.

The App is extremely useful and works flawlessly. It does raise the question as to why Apple didn’t implement something like this, and instead chose to affect the user experience by running unattractive letterbox bars under the Apps.

FullForce is only $0.99 and is available from the in-built repos on your newly jailbroken iPhone 5’s Cydia App. Simply select it and hit install, respring it and off you go.